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Hydro-Power Equipment

Hydro-Power Equipment

Our company has been exporting more than 300 sets of hydro-power equipments to 30 countries, such as United States, Chile, New Zealand, the Philippines, Turkey, Nepal, Malaysia and so on. Good quality and good service have got a great influence in the world hydro-power market. The specifications show: 
Output: 2kW to 50,000kW
Water head: 2m to several hundreds m
Type of turbine: Francis, Tubular, Axial-flow, Pelton, Turgo.

Scope of business:
----Undertaking feasibility study of power station
----Making tender
----Supplying complete equipments, including penstock pipe, valve, turbine, generator, control system, substation, transportation system etc., single equipment, spares
----Undertaking turn-Key project
----Training managerial and technical personnel
----Providing erection/erection supervision.

Outline of HL260-WJ-25,30,35 Hydraulic Turbine Generator Set.

1.Dimension s L and H are determined by the size of the matched generator. 
2.Dimension V is determined by the size of the matched valve. 
3.The angle subtended between the centre line of the inlet pipe and the axis of tl unit may be varied according to actual requirements of the power station. 
4.Dimension N is used for fixing the station arrangement, and it can be lengthened or shartaned

Central control room

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